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Introducing the Preceptors' College

On Fri, 24 January, 2014 - 16:36
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Ever wondered what the Triratna Preceptors’ College is? Who are they? What do they do? And, why? Any idea what they live on?

Vidyatara explains, giving some background to Public preceptor Moksananda’s quirky “home movie” created during the recent College meeting at Adhisthana, in Herefordshire, UK.

“The College of Public Preceptors of the Triratna Buddhist Order is a group of 33 women and men, longterm Order members as well as good friends, from all over the world. It is they who are finally responsible for the ordinations of everyone who enters the Triratna Buddhist Order; and overseeing the process that guides them to the point of ordination. As Triratna grows worldwide, they help ensure consistency and coherence across the Order. They undertake this work in the spirit of kalyanamitrata (spiritual friendship) and generosity.

More recently they have also turned their attention to preserving, sustaining, developing and communicating Sangharakshita’s particular presentation of the Dharma.

While some Public preceptors live and work in Triratna retreat centres or urban centres that support them financially, most of them volunteer their time, energy and money in service as Public preceptors.

The only member of the College financially supported by the College Trust is its Chair, Dhammarati. The basic cost of the Chair’s support, a part-time administrator and some of the travel and accommodation costs of the other Public Preceptors for their twice-yearly meetings is £52,000 per year. If you consider that the College has just over £24,000 available you can see there’s a problem. In fact it’s a £28,000-a-year-sized problem. Could you help?

A new webspace has been launched on The Buddhist Centre Online to communicate more about the College and its work. It also provides information on how you can help support the Public Preceptors with money to do the work they do worldwide, wherever you are. There are links to Dharma talks by College members and Bhante, as well as to key publications.

After March we’ll be profiling the Public Preceptors on the site so you can get to know the people who give their time and energy to tend the ‘spirit’ of Triratna. Just follow the webspace to keep up to date with one of the key groups sustaining our Order and wider Community.”

Follow the College on The Buddhist Centre Online.
Support the College’s work with a donation.

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