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Globe Community Project and the Language of Wellbeing

On Thu, 30 September, 2021 - 16:57
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Globe Community Project based in Tower Hamlets, London, is a Triratna Buddhist Charity, founded by Sraddhapushpa. It is currently run by a combination of Order Members, mitras who are training for ordination, and non-Buddhists who are members of the local community. The focus of the project is putting compassion in to action, meeting the needs of the local community in East London.

The charity runs various community projects including Language of Wellbeing - where they teach yoga and the English language to refugee and migrant women; Take Back your Life which is a course for pain management using mindfulness; and Wellbeing for Elders, which helps isolated older people in the community feel more fulfilled, connected and find ways to manage life’s challenges. All of the project’s courses are free to participants. 

Tara Pollitt, the Communications Officer of the Globe Community Project (and who is also a mitra training for ordination) writes:

We would like to share with you this heart-warming short film, giving insights into the transformative impact of our Language of Wellbeing project for women refugees and migrants.
This groundbreaking work teaching English language through gentle bodywork was part-funded by the newly ordained Kavyamani, Jane, Renée, Prajnadevi, and Guhyasakhi of the London Buddhist Centre community, who raised money through a sponsored run. 

Find out more about the Globe Community Project

Watch the short film about the Language of Wellbeing project

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Thank you. This is so moving. And it’s wonderful to see something of the work started by the extraordinary woman who was the late Sraddhapushpa, with whom I was ordained in 2003. Coming to Britain in September 1939, a Jewish child refugee from Nazi Germany, she knew all too well what it was to be a refugee.

Metta, Munisha

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This is such a beautiful film - thank you for your work and for sharing it with us.

I work for a charity who also run a project in Tower Hamlets (Beyond the Streets, who have a project called Door of Hope - working with women who are sexually exploited, selling sex on the streets of Tower Hamlets) and we are also women-centred and trauma-informed. It’s good to know of other community projects in this area. 
Wishing you so well with your future work!

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Very moving! And inspiring! Well done!