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Forthcoming Ordinations at Akashavana

On Fri, 10 June, 2022 - 20:44
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I am delighted to let you know that the following 18 women who are currently attending the long ordination course will be having their private ordinations at various times throughout the day and night, between the evening of 12th June and the evening of 14th June.
They are

Marleen Laurman 

Beate Lippik

Catherine Dixon

Janette Hall 

Eileen Merryweather

Sara Khorasani 

Lona Kovaks 

Berni Buston 

Annie Johnson

Bärbel Wrede 

Lizzie Sparkes

Janet Hill 

Steffi Heller 

Elaine Smith

Katja Behrendt 

Claire Robillard

Sally Malsingh

Sarah Gilpin

The Public Ordination will take place on Saturday 18th June at 11.00 a.m. local Spanish time.

With metta,

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