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On Fri, 23 May, 2014 - 12:59
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The 2014 International Retreat kicks off today at Adhisthana, our community’s new spiritual home.
You can take part online!

Entitled “The Bodhisattva’s Reply,” the retreat explores the Dharmic perspective needed for truly altruistic activity, so that our creativity, willingness, and effort for social change can lead to more than just “doing good”.

During the retreat you can join in by visiting the 2014 International Retreat space. There you’ll find (rural internet permitting)
  • talks and teaching from the retreat
  • podcasts and interviews
  • pictures and news updates from the weekend
  • maybe some video during the event; definitely afterwards!

There are already some great previews from the team posted on the space - including several short videos from teachers introducing some of the topics they’ll be presenting.

You can visit the 2014 International Retreat space any time to view the content.
But to comment on posts and receive email updates right away,
join the site and log in, then click +follow in the orange box, top left.

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Andrea@Karuna's picture
Sad not to be there this year but really appreciating the flow of news from the International Retreat. Thank you!