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First One Month Retreat for Young Women in India

On Tue, 3 December, 2019 - 16:22
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“I was so determined to come here, I sent my resignation (letter) and I came” - Ashweeni (Nanded)

In 2018, for the first time in India, a five week Dhamma training course for young women took place. It was arranged by members of the Indian women’s ordination team and supported by Padmasuri and Karunamaya. It was a significant retreat as many of the participants have families and children, making it was difficult for them to come away for long periods of time.

Seventeen young women from around India participated in the training course for four weeks based at Nagaoka, in Nagpur. There was “time not only to study the Dharma, to meditate together but to spend time really living in community, going deeper with each other, sharing our lives with one another”  (Padmasuri).

Afterwards the participants and the team travelled together to Bodh Gaya and, while there, the course participants ran a five day retreat for local Bihari women. 

Karunamaya writes: “The whole course was very inspiring and we had a very enjoyable time. We are grateful for the help of Future Dharma Fund and other supporters.”
Watch the documentary about this retreat made by one of the participants in the course.

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Amaladipa's picture

It made me so happy to watch this and to see these extraordinary young women going forth with such courage. Thank you all for inspiring me. I wish all of you deeply fulfilling dharma lives enriched by friendship. Love Amaladipa.

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I am really impressed by this initiative, would like to organize such an event in DELHI as well.

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Yes, wonderful to see … but can we get rid of the music? Whilst I find myself responsive to it, mawkish is a word that comes to mind, and unsubtly so.