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First NVC and meditation retreat at Bodhgaya

On Tue, 3 December, 2013 - 15:09
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Triratna’s centre in Bodhgaya (site of the Buddha’s Enlightenment) is holding its first ever retreat combining Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and meditation.

The week-long Living Compassion retreat over the New Year will be led by Shantigarbha, member of the Triratna Buddhist Order and a trainer in Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

Shantigarbha has led NVC workshops in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Far East; among those dealing with issues of caste discrimination in India; and in Sri Lanka during the civil war. He’s even co-led a reconciliation retreat on the West Bank for Israelis and Palestinians.

He says “Compassionate communication can change the world! I want to connect with people, to create a safe learning environment, to have fun, to mourn and celebrate life. It’s great to be offering this retreat for the first time at the place where the Buddha gained Enlightenment. The atmosphere in Bodhgaya is very special over the New Year, so the retreat should be vibrant, colourful and deeply transformative.”

Find out about the retreat.
Watch Shantigarbha’s Buddhafield Festival talk: The Empathic Buddha. (40 mins)

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