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First mainland European Going For Refuge retreat for women

On Mon, 6 July, 2015 - 16:48
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This September, the Tiratanaloka team from Wales, UK, will join Order members from continental Europe to run an international ‘Going For Refuge’ retreat for women on mainland Europe for the first time.

office [at] (Contact Tiratanaloka) for more details or to book.

The ‘What Is The Order?’ retreat is for women training for ordination and will take place at Triratna’s purpose-built Metta Vihara retreat centre in the Netherlands, 11-25th September.

Tiratanaloka write: “This will be an opportunity to bring inspiration and ask questions about the Order and beyond together with women from all over the world; a chance to experience Sangharakshita’s vision of a truly international Order and of internationality as a practice: expanding our sense of personal identity beyond the boundaries of our local conditioning.”

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