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Donations flood in for Nepal

On Sat, 2 May, 2015 - 17:05
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Donations to Green Tara Trust in Nepal are now well over GBP13,000 - not including the GBP5,000 donated by Karuna Trust. 

It’s not too late to give. Make a Buddha Day donation!

While Nepal’s government reports today that almost none of the aid pledged by foreign governments has arrived yet, it’s good to hear from Green Tara Trust that your money is already there and working.

Local worker Ram writes “First funds from donations are coming through, that will be used mainly for tents, medicines, a local volunteer and 2 phone sets. Based on the need and discussion with victims in the local area, 50-60% of the cost will be used for tent because that is mostly important. We are trying to get the tents from Nawalparasi and have requested Kopila to buy a good quality that is durable.

We also noticed some families (20-30) with acute shortage food. We met a lady, carrying rice bags for others and from that she could raise some money for rice to herself. It was very panic to see. For such case, we will get some money to purchase rice and lentil.”

Green Tara Trust’s appeal has gone out via the Order Information Service, and via Triratna News onto vast numbers of Facebook pages, including those of the Network of Buddhist Organisations UK, Buddhism UK, Buddhist Action Month 2015 and the European Buddhist Union. With over 2,000 people seeing some of these posts, Facebook reports that some of them have reached 90-95% more people than any other post ever to the same page.

It’s not too late to give. Make a Buddha Day donation!

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