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Dharmacharini Anagarika Suvarnaprabha 1963-2013

On Wed, 9 October, 2013 - 13:24
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It was with great sadness that we learned of the death from cancer of Dharmacharini Suvarnaprabha in San Francisco, on Tuesday 24th September.

Suvarnaprabha died at home at 4.40pm, in the company of her three sisters and her friends Julie and Padmatara. She was buried on the afternoon of Friday, 27th September in a green cemetery on a hill in Marin County.

Suvarnaprabha was ordained in October 2001, with Sanghadevi as both private and public preceptor. The practice she took at ordination was the Prajnaparamita sadhana. She turned 50 in August this year.

In the last weeks of her life, her friends created a book of rejoicings in her merits. You can read and download it for free or buy a hardcover copy at cost.

Watch two short videos from her funeral, and find out more on how her sangha marked her passing, including a recording of a sangha singalong!

Listen to Suvarnaprabha talk about celibacy, and find out about her book on the subject as well as her extraordinary blog: ‘Crap, I’ve got cancer!’

As Padmatara and Viveka wrote, “Suvarnaprabha has been, and is now, beyond description.”

May she be well.

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