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Dharmachari Vivekapriya

On Thu, 30 October, 2014 - 00:03
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With sadness we annound the death of Dharmachari Vivekapriya who died in hospital in the evening of Tuesday 28th October.

Vivekapriya was 66 years old and lived in Maharashtra, India, where he was connected with the Triratna centre in Wardha. He had suffered with asthma for several months.

He was ordained on 16th October 1988 and Bhante was his private and public preceptor. Becoming involved with Triratna he gave up his job and contributed many years to develop the Bordharan Retreat Centre, and to build the sangha in Vidharbha.

His funeral programme will start from his home on 29th October, at 5pm.
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