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Dharmachari Chakkhupala

On Mon, 12 January, 2015 - 17:42
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With sadness we report the death of Chakkhupala from pancreatic cancer at 9pm on Saturday 10th January in a hospice in Ulverston, Lancashire, UK.

Ratnaprabha writes: “Lalitaratna had just finished preparing a slap-up curry for all of us staying at Chakkhupala’s house when his son, Eldon, got a call to come urgently to the hospice. We left the meal behind, and sat very quietly with Chakkhupala, 8 or 9 of us. His breathing was difficult and laboured. But for the last half hour he became very peaceful, lying still with Eldon holding his hand and looking at him steadily but softly. Imperceptibly, his breathing stopped. He looked gaunt from the cancer, but serene and dignified. His son sat alone with him, then the Buddhists present recited refuges and precepts, Vajrasattva mantras and the transference of merit. We went home and scoffed the delicious curry.”
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Sad to see Chakkhupala die so young. I have a fond memory of seeing him after Tuscanny 86 sitting reading a newspaper at Roma station. I saw him again a few years ago at Madhyamaloka. It is a reminder that the Lord of Death can strike at anytime and that ‘now’ is the time to practice! Fare the well my friend.
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may peace abide with him„