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Dharmachari Buddharakshita

On Tue, 6 January, 2015 - 22:25
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With sadness we report the death of Buddharakshita on Sunday 4th January.

Buddharakshita was a member of the Manchester, UK, sangha. He died, unconscious, of pneumonia, just before 1pm in the Royal Oldham Hospital, with his wife Shirley and their daughter, Helen, by his bedside. He also leaves a son, Simon, and two grandchildren.

Vishangka writes, “He had gone into hospital on the Saturday, aware and chatty, but his condition later deteriorated and he was sent to the High Dependency Unit at 6am but did not respond to treatment. Buddharakshita was a warm, generous and big-hearted man. He was always interested in how you were doing, and he had an impish sense of humour too! In an email today, Mokshapriya told me that Buddharakshita was a man with a very strong connection with the Buddhadharma, and that it was a privilege to be his preceptor.”

Buddharakshita was 79 years old and was ordained in 2005. His private preceptor was Mokshapriya and his public preceptor Sona. The practice he took at ordination was the Amitabha sadhana.
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