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The Dharma Training Course For Mitras - Reimagined!

On Sat, 30 July, 2016 - 20:16
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Centre Team

If you’re a Mitra in the Triratna Buddhist Community, there’s a fair chance you may have done (or at least come across!) some of the four-year Dharma Training Course for Mitras - generally and affectionately known as “Mitra Study”… We’re delighted to announce the launch of a brand new revised version of the course - and a great new website for accessing the material and getting support as you go deeper into the practice of studying the Dharma.

The new website – and the revised version of the course and the files themselves – is the result of a collaboration between the European Mitra Conveners, Dhammarati, and the team at Dharmachakra, who develop Triratna’s main spaces online, including Free Buddhist Audio and The Buddhist Centre Online itself.

New document design is by Dhammarati, document production and image curation is by Vajrashura, and web design is by Candradasa at Dharmachakra.

This is phase one of the new website. The next phase will involve developing online multi-media references to help students and study leaders explore the material even more. In the meantime, the team behind this new initiative would love to hear what you think!

Contact Vajrashura or the Course Team by email: 
dtcm-support [at]

For technical issues contact:
support [at]

If you enjoy the new site, please consider supporting its maintenance and the next phase of development (it was made without a budget!)

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Amarapuspa's picture

Well done Team! It looks visually gorgeous and I look forward to exploring new material. I rejoice in your obviously many efforts to make this manifest. Best wishes, Amarapuspa 

Vajrashura's picture

One thing to say - Padmavajri, Vadanya and Subhadramati have also done loads of work on this and should celebrated for this. The four of us were the review team who conducted the review on behalf of the European Mitra Convenors. Much gratitude to them!

Centre Team's picture

Thanks, Vajrashura. I’ve added all your names to the acknowledgments on the site. :) 

sheena's picture
It looks great! Thankyou so much!