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Cuernavaca: an eternal spring of Dharma in Mexico

On Wed, 23 March, 2016 - 23:50
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The Centro Budista de Cuernavaca is about an hour south of Mexico City. Founded in the historic centre of the city in 2013 by Akashavajri, Saddhajoti, and Nagapriya, to accommodate its growing sangha it recently moved to a comfortable house with a large garden and several rooms for a small residential community; not to mention a swimming pool too!

Nagapriya is a British Order member, and the Centre’s first Chair. He writes: “There is a high level of interest in Buddhism in Mexico, with significant numbers of Mexicans looking for alternatives to Catholicism.

Despite the fact that Cortes arrived here 500 years, Mexico still feels like a new country finding its identity. It has a young population; the youngest member of our sangha is just 14 and many are in their 20s. 

Find Cuernavaca on a map.

Cuernavaca means ‘city of eternal spring’. Here Cortes built a palace and Erich Fromm once conducted a seminar with DT Suzuki. Given the violence that casts a shadow over much of Mexico, it is even more important to offer a space dedicated to the cultivation of skilful mental states. We’re gradually extending our activities beyond our meditation and Dharma classes. to incorporate Chi Kung, yoga, and mindful movement. There is a mitra group and several regular open classes, study groups and workshops.

Our current challenges are to move towards financial independence and to grow a team of mitras and Order members to run the Centre. We now have a Council and a Chair, as well as a President: Paramachitta, who lives in Spain. (All Triratna Centres are encouraged to have a President; a senior member of the Order from beyond the local sangha, who can provide friendship and guidance.)

There has been a Triratna centre in nearby Mexico City for over 20 years and some Mexico City mitras have joined our sangha. We have around eight active mitras and a sangha of around 30-40, including three women training for ordination. There is a lively programme of visiting Order members, including overseas visitors, who help share with us the vision of Triratna.”

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