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The Celebration of the 62nd Anniversary of Dr. Ambedkar's Mass Conversion to Buddhism

On Thu, 25 October, 2018 - 12:26
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On the 18th to the 20th October the Nagarjuna Institute in Nagaloka, India, organised a celebration of Dhammachakra Pravartana day or the 62nd Anniversary of Dr. Ambedkar’s Mass Conversion to Buddhism.  This event included an international conference on the theme of ”The Revival of Buddhism in India and its impact on Buddhist Dynamics in South Asia.”

The Nagarjuna Institute, located in Nagpur Maharashtra, India, each year celebrates the anniversary of Dr. Ambedkar’s Mass Conversion to Buddhism by organising a public programme with guest speakers coming from the Buddhist world. The programme this year was inaugurated by:

  • Ven. Master Ren Da (Abbot Boshan Zhengjue Monastery, China)
  • Ven. Master Chong Hua (Abbot, Chong Sheng Temple, China)
  • Ven. Athuraliye Rathana Theor, (M.P., Sri Lanka)
  • Harsha Kumar Navaratne, (Chairman Sevalanka Foundation, Sri Lanka)
  • Pro. Sukhadev Thorat, (Former Chairman, UGC & ICSSR, India)
  • Dhammachari Lokamitra, UK
  • Prof. Jia Da Quing, China
  • Raymond Lam, China
  • Dong Dong Yu, China 
  • ​Rem Bhadur B.K, Nepal 

This year the special guests came from South Asian countries such as China, Sri Lanka and Nepal to commemorate this important event and participate in the international conference.  The aim of the conference was link up with Buddhists of South Asian countries and share with them the revival of Buddhism in India.

As part of the celebrations, the visitors laid a foundation stone for a hostel for boys, were present at the opening of Nagaloka’s solar panel as well as the unveiling of a large Tibetan Wheel of Life. 

Watch the short film about the commemoration and conference.

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