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Celebrating Buddha Day in India

On Sat, 20 May, 2017 - 23:16
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This full moon - the 10th May - we celebrated Wesak (often called Buddha Day). In this short video, women in Nagpur, India lead a puja before a mitra ceremony held on the occasion. 

(Sound is slightly quiet at the beginning but gets louder)

Tejadhamma writes…

“We had a three day programme as a celebration with four centres: TBM Mahendranagar North Nagpur, Nagaloka, Mitraloka and Triratna South and West. More than 250 people attended which was very inspiring. I led the mitra ceremony - 11 men and 25 women became mitras - and enjoyed handing over a flower, candle and incense stick to each of them to offer to the shrine.

On the third day we had a cultural evening at Mahendranagar and South and West Triratna Centre which was very exciting and encouraging. There were songs, plays about Kisa Gotami and music - it was wonderful!”

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Thanks a lot for sharing ! Its really wonderful to experience the enthusiasm and inspiration among the people at Triratna Mahendranagar Nagpur ! So lovely to see this news! Thanks once again!