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Building a Safe and Supportive Place for Dharma Practice

On Wed, 25 August, 2021 - 09:46
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“Imagine that you lived in well-functioning society which slowly fell apart at the seams. Hyper-inflation sent prices for food, petrol, and other basic items spirally to astronomic levels.

A loaf of bread now costs what you would have bought a car for a few years ago.

Friends and loved ones have left in search of better futures, bound for countries resistant to immigrants. Those left behind scrape by with whatever means they can.”

Abhayasara was ordained in 2019 in Mexico and has been involved in the Merida sangha in Venezuela for 25 years. She is now the co-director of the Merida Buddhist Centre together with Vajranatha and Achalamati. She writes:

Our Buddhist Centre in Merida serves a crucial role in helping people through these extremely challenging times. We support the spiritual wellbeing and mental health of hundreds of people through meditation, yoga, Dharma study and friendship. We are literally an oasis for people who are desperate and have so few resources.

To continue providing these crucial services in a safe and supportive space, we need your help. The Buddhist Centre is getting to the point of disrepair, with leaky pipes and dodgy electrics. Some of the spaces in the building are unusable. Our vision is to not just to improve the infrastructure, but to beautify the space and make it truly worthy of the people we serve. With so much of their lives in chaos, a beautiful practice space will enhance their lives, spiritually nourishing and resourcing them.

Help support the sangha in Venezuela - give to their Just Giving appeal

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It’s such a small amount of money - I do hope the worldwide sangha can pitch in and support the sangha in Merida. metta Khemajoti