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Buddhist Action Month is nearly here. What are you planning?

On Fri, 18 May, 2018 - 11:52
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June is Buddhist Action Month (BAM) and Triratna Sanghas all over the world have been planning activities as part of this festival of Buddhist social action. Beginning in 2012 as a day, this is a pan-Buddhist initiative from the UK’s Network of Buddhist Organisations

This year we have an invitation to explore two particular angles of ‘transforming self, transforming world’:

transforming self: looking at the effect of digital technology on the well-being of us as individuals and on society

transforming world: exploring our society’s need for a positive collective narrative for the future. 

Read more about this theme on The Buddhist Centre Online’s dedicated BAM space where you can follow all the Triratna action day by day.

On the Buddhist Action Month Facebook group, you’ll find news from Triratna and the other Buddhist traditions taking part.

If you haven’t yet got planning, it’s not too late and you’ll find plenty of ideas in those spaces, and in the Triratna BAM handbook

+Follow Buddhist Action Month in Triratna on The Buddhist Centre Online.

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Blackburn BC has been participating in BAM by following Prajnaketu’s suggestions. First, we visioned what kind of world we wanted. This vision fell into 4 main categories.                  1) Peace/Justice/Interconnection, 2).Caring/Sharing/ Health 3). Sustainability 4) Values Then we explored how we could bring this vision into being more in our own lives. Building on last year’s theme, we were particularly looking to connect with local initiatives that are actively contributing to what is in our vision. We have created a BAM wall at the Centre, which will stay up over the summer and hopefully our BAM initiatives will continue ongoingly. Kamalavajri