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Buddhist Action Month is nearly here. What are you planning?

On Wed, 20 May, 2015 - 13:54
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It’s just one and a half weeks to June and Buddhist Action Month 2015. We know you’ve been planning lots of good things, but we need to know what they are! It’s time for you to tell everyone else what you’re doing, to spread inspiration and good ideas.

Left you can see Nandavajra with his detailed plan of action for Triratna BAM 2015 at a Development Team* meeting a few months ago. 

We supplied lots of resources on the BAM space on The Buddhist Centre Online (TBCO).
You got planning.
Now we need you to tell everyone what’s going to happen, and then let everyone know how your activities went, in writing, video or pictures.

There are two ways you can do this:

First choice (Please do this if you can.)
Many Triratna centres in the UK and Ireland have a BAM contact, who can post news to the BAM space on TBCO. You can help them by reminding them, and by offering to report in writing, video or pictures, which they can post for you.

Second choice
You can munisha [at] (email your text, video and pictures to Munisha) to post.

You can also post to the official BAM space on Facebook – also used by other Buddhist groups beyond Triratna.

Follow Triratna BAM on TBCO.
Follow BAM more generally on Facebook.

*The Development Team are employed by Triratna’s European Chairs’ Assembly to provide central Triratna-wide services including fundraising, communications and co-ordinating young people’s activities.

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