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Buddhist Action Month 2015: coming soon

On Fri, 17 April, 2015 - 00:34
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June is Buddhist Action Month in the UK - and, increasingly, beyond. Buddhist Action Month (BAM) is a festival of Buddhist social action of many kinds. 

Many Triratna sanghas enaged enthusiastically with BAM last year, and are gearing up for another inspiring month this year.

To read all about Triratna’s BAM activities, sign up for regular updates and see how to get involved, +follow the BAM space on The Buddhist Centre Online.

BAM began in Britain in 2012, as an initiative of the Network of Buddhist Organisations UK. This year, this expression of loving kindness (metta) towards our world has been adopted by the European Buddhist Union too.

See what other Buddhist traditions are doing for BAM.
Follow the Network of Buddhist Organisations UK on Facebook for information of interest to Buddhists of all traditions.
Follow the European Buddhist Union on Facebook for European Buddhist information.


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