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Buddhafield releases 2013 Dharma Parlour Festival videos

On Mon, 21 October, 2013 - 16:03
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This year’s Buddhafield Festival was, once again, Triratna’s largest and most popular event of the year. It was their 18th successive Festival and all the more special as next year, for the first time ever, they will be taking a break from the festival. Their 2014 programme is currently being developed but will include a full programme of retreats and a return of the popular ‘Green Earth Awakening’ event held for the first time this year.

Meanwhile we’re delighted to announce the release of all the videos from the Festival’s Dharma Parlour: a rich and multi-facetted feast of Dharma exploring the Festival’s theme of ‘Fire in the Heart’. Here’s some of the details:

Advayasiddhi: A workshop-style Introduction to Buddhism.
Dhivan: The Buddha Broke my Heart… The Buddha taught love as freedom of heart. But what if we get burned in love’s fire? A talk on love, betrayal and broken-heartedness.
Kulamitra: Warm our Hearts - Let the Rain Come In! To develop loving kindness takes sustained effort at frequent intervals. Paradoxically this means spontaneous opening to all around us.
Lokabandhu: 10 Ways to Misunderstand Buddhism. No. 6: “It’s all about detachment”. A quirkily-titled talk arguing that Buddhists should think of ‘advances’ as well as ‘retreats’ - engaging with the world to change it for the better.
Maitridevi: The Tender Gravity of Kindness. How to find depth in a superficial world - a talk about love and longing and the way that they pull us deeper into life.
Shantigarbha: The Empathic Buddha. An exploration of how the Buddha embodied empathy and made it the basis of his compassion.

Other videos from the Festival are also online - a talk by Amaranatho, a wandering Buddhist monk; by Christopher Titmuss, a regular speaker at the Festival; some great raps by Trevor the Noisy Parrot; the climax of some fabulous Ecstatic Dance by Jewels Wingfield, and a series of short interviews in various languages with volunteers from VAP the international Volunteer Action for Peace programme.

We’ve also tracked down some great photos by Festival photographers Radka Bailey and Rod Harbinson and a wonderful soundscape by Alice Armstrong that manages to capture much of the spirit and music of the Festival in all its myriad glory.


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Here’s a link to Facebook video of Vidyadasi teaching us the Vajrayogini mantra before a puja.