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Birthday collection reaches £80,000

On Fri, 14 August, 2015 - 09:01
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Congratulations! Today the worldwide collection for Sangharakshita’s 90th birthday passed the £80,000 mark, with 402 online donations from individuals and groups within Triratna. Help us reach our target: £100,000.

To give you more detail: the money will fund a 5-7-year project to publish Bhante’s Complete Works, including much material out of print or never published before, and in paper and digital, searchable, formats.

The editors, Kalyanaprabha and Vidyadevi, are already working on the early stages of the project, dividing his work into “baskets”. They are Bhante’s longtime trusted editors; thus he can rest assured they will skillfully guide and hold the project far into the future, faithful to his vision, should the project outlive Bhante himself.

The graphic designer is Dhammarati, who long ago trained as a graphic designer specifically in order to design beautiful Dharma books for Windhorse Publications – the Triratna publishers who will publish the Complete Works.

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