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Sangharakshita receives £110,000 for his 90th birthday

On Sat, 22 August, 2015 - 18:15
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This afternoon at Adhisthana, during sudden and dramatic thunderous rain, Sangharakshita attended the UK and Ireland Order Weekend to mark his 90th birthday. Here he was presented with £110,000 given by over a thousand people from around the world of Triratna. Sadhu, everyone!

The money is for the publication of his Complete Works, and for translations into many languages.

Four hundred members of the Order are at Adhisthana this weekend, including some from mainland Europe, Mexico, India and Australia. In today’s new Triratna News header picture, you can see Bhante and the Order, as Subhuti introduces Kalyanaprabha (one of Bhante’s two editors), who launched his new book, A Moseley Miscellany.

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