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BAM 2014 plans take shape across Triratna

On Fri, 2 May, 2014 - 06:14
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BAM 2014 - Buddhist Action Month 2014 - begins in just one month’s time, with Buddhist groups across the country encouraged to spend June engaged in collective actions for the benefit of others, especially ones benefiting the environment or society. This year there is a special emphasis on addressing climate change and our many habits and patterns that perpetuate it.

Anyone planning an event is invited to post it on The Buddhist Centre Online’s ‘BAM’ page at and also to register it with the England-wide interfaith ‘Together in Service’ project.

Mark Chipp writes from Triratna’s Sheffield sangha with news of their plans, saying: “Just wanted to let you know what some of us from the Sheffield Buddhist Centre are up to. Last year we were out on the streets collecting funds and raising awareness for children suffering as a result of war. Our efforts culminated in a ‘Day of Awareness’ last November during which children from schools in Sheffield performed flash mobs and physical theatre. This was combined with an art display on the theme of children in war (all work done by students in Sheffield) held in the Winter Gardens. There was also live music in the evening. We raised over £750 and gathered some 500 signatures against the harming of children in conflict. We are at it again this year and we will be in the Winter Gardens again on November 22nd this year. Prior to that we will be collecting on the streets and hopefully having some fund raising events. Please see our website to see more. Obviously, any help promoting our cause and getting others involved would be much appreciated. I can be contacted at sales [at] Many thanks! Mark”.

In London the London Buddhist Centre’s “sub-35 sangha” say “We will be exploring how we might contribute based on the four themes of ‘the centre’, ‘in our daily lives’, ‘in the community’ and ‘for the world’. Come to one of our weekly, Friday night sessions to be part of the discussion. Also from London Jane Easton writes - “Am just fresh out of helping out at the London Buddhist Centre’s wonderful Vegan Feasts Day. All fired up and really pleased to see all these wonderful eco and vegan initiatives. Here are some useful and free resources - particularly good for new/newish vegans”. There’s lots more vegan ideas on The Buddhist Centre Online’s Vegans project.

More details on Monday - including on Triratna’s ‘Beyond BAM’ and ‘Sustainable Centres Project’. And if you’re looking for ideas how to be part of it, there’s 20 possible BAM actions on the BAM project page, plus a collection of powerful Dharmic Reasons to Participate in BAM.
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