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Alfoxton House: A New Retreat Centre

On Tue, 8 September, 2020 - 17:21
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On 29th June the Alfoxton Park Trust – Jayaraja, Lokabandhu and Cittapala - received the keys to Alfoxton House in Somerset, UK, with the aim of creating a retreat centre where longer, intensive retreats can take place, as well as having retreats focusing on poetry and the arts. The intention is for this retreat centre to be an eco-centre that produces its own food.

Alfoxton House is a place with a rich history: in 1797, the poet William Wordsworth lived there for a time, having moved to the area to be close to his friend and fellow poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge.  The first reading of Coleridge’s famous poem, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner took place in one of the rooms in the house. 

As the house hasn’t lived in for twelve years there is quite a bit of work required to make it habitable and the team living there have have run a number of working retreats in the past few months: at the moment there is a Mindful Communication and Working Retreat taking place. Due to the covid-19 pandemic all these retreats have been camping retreats with the participants eating outdoors. It is hoped the main house will be open for retreats from August 2021.

On Saturday 12th September at 5.30pm (UK time) there will be a socially distanced, outdoor performance of the Rime of Ancient Mariner - for more information email quantockstudio [at]

You can also visit the Alfoxton Park website for more info.