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Adhisthana prepares for Bhante's funeral

On Fri, 9 November, 2018 - 17:35
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Here at Adhisthana many people have been hard at work preparing for Bhante’s funeral tomorrow, and the arrival in the small village of Coddington of an estimated one thousand people via narrow country roads.

Join us online at 12.20pm UK time.

Watch this space for the live stream embedded on The Buddhist Centre Online. 
We’ll also be streaming live on YouTube and on Facebook, with a feed of regular online updates throughout on Instagram and on Twitter.

Download the order of service.

The funeral service starts at 12.30pm, in the old barn, to be followed by the burial in the circular plot already landscaped and made ready.

Though we are all very busy, there is a warm and kind atmosphere of teamwork; work as practice. Since last Tuesday hundreds of us have already been visiting from across the UK and other countries for short periods  to spend time sitting with Bhante’s body in the Amitabha shrine room. He is dressed in a slate blue robe with his mala in his hand and, as he requested, his head is resting on Dhardo Rinpoche’s yellow robe. Meanwhile, in the shrine room, members of the community, volunteers, visitors and local sangha have maintained a 24 hour vigil with meditation and mantra chanting since Tuesday.

Bhante having died just before a College meeting, College members from around the world have been here all week. While they get on with their meetings, an ever-growing band of volunteers has been working with the Adhisthana community. A number of different teams have been preparing the grave, planning the shuttle service from the station, building the shrine, cleaning, laying out chairs, cooking, booking portaloos, and installing wheelchair accessible non-slip matting to enable easy access to the barn.

Guests from other Buddhist traditions will be attending and four members of Bhante’s family are coming too.

To enable people to take part all over the world, Clear Vision and The Buddhist Centre Online have arranged to livestream video here on The Buddhist Centre Online. Whilst we obviously cannot guarantee flawless coverage, we are doing everything we can to make it possible - meaning the installation of much faster internet, and a drone to film from the air! Join us there tomorrow.

+Follow the stream of remembrance posts on The Buddhist Centre Online.

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Khasanti's picture

So inspiring to hear of the atmosphere at Adhisthana and all the work being done to make tomorrow’s event happen. Special gratitude to those toiling to set up the live stream. Please know how much this is appreciated by those of us in far-flung places. Much metta to all!

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Thank you, Jo! Candradasa says toiling is the right word! We are all slightly nervous in case of technical troubles at the last minute so could you all chant a lot of mantras, please? x Munisha

Dayadharani's picture

Just wanted to express my deep gratitude for all the effort that has been made to enable us all over the world to join the beautiful and significant ceremony today. I was so moved to be able to sit in front of my shrine clad in blue chanting the mantras and doing the sevenfold puja together with such a large number of people paying respect to our teacher and guide, who changed and will continue to change peoples lives all around the world. I also want to thank everyone who has contributed with material on this site since Bhante left us, it has been very moving and helpful. Much love to you all from Dayadharani in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Munisha's picture

Varsågod, Dayadharani! (You’re welcome!) How lovely to read about how you spent the day with us - in Sweden. Much love, Munisha