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The 50 Years, 50 Voices Project

On Wed, 4 April, 2018 - 11:48
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‘Fifty Years, Fifty Voices’ is a project cooked up by Lokeshvara and Satyalila last year and supported by the Triratna Trust and Adhisthana Trustees. It’s gathering the ‘voices’ of 50 different Order Members on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Order.

Satyalila writes: “This year we’ll present extracts from these voices and the recordings will be archived in their entirety. In future we hope that many of them can be released as full-length podcasts (with permission).

The guiding image for the project derived from the centrality of Going for Refuge, seen as a central point with a 360 degree circumference. It imagines Order Members approaching this central point from any and every angle, and aims to gather a selection of ‘voices’ from different points in the circumference. 

When a handful of short extracts from each participant is brought into relation with the others, we hope that something of a ‘living hologram’ of the Order (and hence of Dharma practice) can be conjured up. It will be presented in full online.” 

+Follow 50 Years, 50 Voices to hear the recordings and find out more.

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This sounds great! Thank you!

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i guess you are all aware of Suryaprabha’s excellent film Body and Soul……

which interviewed 20 randomly selected order members (chosen for inclusion in the film by selecting every 92nd member according to a numbered list of nearly 2000 ordinations since the Order’s founding in 1968.)

and is there a reason why this new project is ‘order only’? 

love Vidyakaya xxx

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Hi Vidyakaya

I finally found my way back to your questions - the reason neither you or I could find this again, I think, is because it’s on Triratna News and not on the Fifty Years, Fifty Voices Page itself.  I know you said, when we emailed, that these weren’t burning questions but since I found them again, I thought I’d respond :-) 

So.  To answer your questions in order.  Yes, we’re very aware (and glad of ) Suryaprabha’s excellent film.  He and I were talking at Adhisthana recently about the ways in which these different approaches to documenting and sharing our lived practice of the Dharma complement each other.  And what we might do to collaborate in future.  (Danasamudra and I are in a parallel, but different conversation, regarding the Women’s Oral History Project, which is still in the planning stage at the moment and which, again has resonances, but a different overall vision/purpose.) 

The aim of the Fifty Years, Fifty Voices project has been quite specific, with a different but resonant ‘guiding image’ or principle - that it’s about creating a kind of ‘hologram’ or ‘poem’ of the Order as the living analogue of the distinctive approach to Dharma practice which Bhante has ‘visioned’. There are a couple of things on the project’s page which might help to clarify this.  The introductory video I made with Sanghadhara and the talk I gave in Bristol on the anniversary of the Order.  

The project is is ‘Order only’ because it’s a celebration of the Order on it’s 50 birthday.  It’s also hoped that it can be the start of something which can continue to expand.  I had an image of the ‘first 50’ being like the setting up of a kind of loom-come-web into which more ‘voices’ might be woven in future, the better to reflect the ‘Indtra’s net’ which is the Order.

Hope that helps!