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The 21-day kindness challenge starts Thursday!

On Tue, 3 January, 2017 - 19:28
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On Thursday this week the ‘Fortunate Women’ of Triratna’s Glasgow sangha are helping to launch ‘Kinder Scotland’ - a 21 day kindness challenge - open to anybody, not just Scotland. Sara Khorasani writes:

“Can we transform self and society though kindness? We know from research and our own experience that kindness can be radical. It has the power to change our relationship to ourselves and to others. The more you notice you are on the receiving end of kindness the more likely you are to pass it on.

Join us for the Kinder Scotland 21 day challenge starting on Thursday 5th January. Commit a different act of kindness every day for 21 days and notice what effect it has had on you, your community, family, colleagues and friends.

Having taken part in previous years, we feel it has hugely benefited our spiritual practice. It’s a wonderful way of taking our practice off the cushion and into the world at a time when kindness is needed more than ever.

The Kinder Scotland 21 day challenge is a partnership between the U.lab Scotland community and the Carnegie Trust; both are interested in the impact of not-so-random acts of kindness on communities. It will be hosted on, an international volunteer-led kindness and generosity web platform and community. It’s entirely free to join and use the resources, ideas and daily inspirations for those taking part in the challenge.”

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I will enjoy this challenge.

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Welcome on board!

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I’ll represent in Sheffield :-)

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Thanks Christine, great to see it spreading throughout the country.