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18 more ordinations, at Guhyaloka

On Tue, 10 June, 2014 - 20:25
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The following ordinations took place today Monday 9th June 2014 at Guhyaloka Retreat Centre in Spain.

Public Preceptor Nagabodhi
Peter Kurisoo becomes Karunakara meaning “One who Acts with Compassion”. Private Preceptor Saramati.
Steven Caldwell becomes Bodhidasa meaning “He Who Is in the Service of Enlightenment”. Private Preceptor Ratnavyuha.
Aaron Matheson becomes Aryadharma meaning “Noble Dharma”. Private Preceptor Khemadhamma.

Public Preceptor Buddhadasa
Kevin Griffith becomes Karunamitra meaning “Compassionate Friend”. Private Preceptor Ratnavyuha.
John Fleming becomes Apada meaning “Trackless One”. Private Preceptor Siladasa.

Public Preceptor Saddhaloka
Tony Ley becomes Amritadasa meaning “Servant of the Deathless”. Private Preceptor Dharmadipa.
Ian White becomes Tejasiddhi meaning “He whose Attainments are Bright”. Private Preceptor Vessantara.
Dougie Fraser becomes Kulapriya meaning “Devoted to the Community”. Private Preceptor Ratnaghosha.
Ansgar Jochheim becomes Sharanapriya meaning “He Who Devotes Himself To The Refuges”. Private Preceptor Bodhimitra.
Jim Taylor becomes Satyin meaning “He who is Truthful”. Private Preceptor Jnanavaca.
Matt Patterson becomes Khemadana meaning “He whose Gift is Security”. Private Preceptor Saraha.
Paul Rose becomes Karunagatu meaning “He whose Song is of Compassion”. Private Preceptor Vajragupta.
Roger Evans becomes Dharmeshvara meaning “Lord of the Dharma”. Private Preceptor Saddharaja.
Tom Pope becomes Prajnagatu meaning “He whose Song is of Wisdom”. Private Preceptor Vajragupta.
Tim Holden becomes Prajnaketu meaning “He Who has a Lamp of Wisdom”. Private Preceptor Shantiprabha.

Public Preceptor Paramabandhu
Jonathan Wood becomes Maitrida meaning “He who is a Giver of Maitri”. Private Preceptor Jnanavaca.
Mark Ramage becomes Ketuhridaya meaning “He whose Heart is Bright”. Private Preceptor Surata.
Matthieu Delattre becomes Saddhamani meaning “Jewel of Faith”. Private Preceptor Saddhaloka.

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Sadhu to one and all x
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Sadhu sadhu Sadhu…….Lovely to hear the new order names..much metta