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15 ordinations in Europe

On Mon, 2 June, 2014 - 18:06
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Public Ordinations at Akashavana

We are delighted to announce that the following ordinations took place at Akashavana on 2nd June, 2014. All names are Sanskrit unless otherwise stated.

Public Preceptor: Parami
Terry Lockley becomes Sanghagita (long ‘i’, long final ‘a’) - She whose Song is of the Sangha. Westernised spelling: Sanghagita. Private Preceptor: Kalyanasri.

Jo Burbridge becomes Hridayagita (long ‘i’, long final ‘a’) - Song of the Heart. Westernised spelling: Hridayagita. Private Preceptor: Saddhanandi.

Carol Bloyce becomes Carumani (long first ‘a’, long ‘i’) - Beloved, Esteemed Jewel. Westernised spelling: Charumani. Private Preceptor: Dhammadassin.

Gill Knight becomes Kalyanatara (long second, fourth and fifth ‘a’) - Radiant with Moral Beauty. Westernised spelling: Kalyanatara. Private Preceptor: Vijayasri.

Helen Burgess becomes Kusalasara (long third and last ‘a’) - A Pali name meaning She whose Strength is in being Skilful. Westernised spelling: Kusalasara. Private Preceptor: Subhadramati.

Natasha Lythgoe becomes Nagadipa (long first and last ‘a’, long ‘i’) - Light in the Depths. Westernised spelling: Nagadipa. Private Preceptor: Suchitta.

Public Preceptor: Padmasuri
Ginny Carter becomes Maitrisiddhi (long second ‘i’) - She whose Success is based on Maitri. Westernised spelling: Maitrisiddhi. Private Preceptor: Parami.

Rosemary Walker becomes Sagarabala (long first and last ‘a’) - She whose Power is from the Ocean. Westernised spelling: Sagarabala. Private Preceptor: Santasiddhi.

Ann Ward becomes Padmarajni (tilda over ‘n’, long ‘i’) - Queen from the Lotus. Westernised spelling: Padmarajni. Private Preceptor: Atulyamati.

Caro Edwards becomes Jyotikari (long first and last ‘i’, long ‘a’) - She who cultivates the Light of Intelligence, Freedom and Victory. Westernised spelling: Jyotikari. Private Preceptor: Dhammadassin.

Public Preceptor: Maitreyi
Claudine Edwards becomes Abhayanandi (long ‘i’) - She who delights in Fearlessness. Westernised spelling: Abhayanandi. Private Preceptor: Santavajri.

Taru Klinga becomes Suvarnacandra (long final ‘a’) - She who is a Golden Moon. Westernised spelling: Suvarnachandra. Private Preceptor: Akasaka.

Ilse Schnur becomes Guhyadipti (long first ‘i’) - She whose Flame, Lustre and Brightness is Secret and Mysterious. Westernised spelling: Guhyadeepti. Private Preceptor: Kulanandi.

Ann Cronin becomes Mahamani (long second ‘a’, long ‘i’) - She who has the Great and Precious Jewel. Westernised spelling: Mahamani. Private Preceptor: Shubha.

Metka Murgatroyd becomes Dhammannu (tilda over both ‘n’s, long ‘u’) - A Pali name meaning One who Knows the Dhamma. Westernised spelling: Dhammannyu. Private Preceptor: Atulyamati.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!
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