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Wednesday Online Study: The Six Emphases of Triratna

On Tue, 15 September, 2015 - 15:00
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This special two-month online study, led by Khemavassika, will explore the Six Emphases of the Triratna Buddhist Community, as described by its founder Sangharakshita.  The Six Emphases detail central principles of the Triratna Community, marking what connects us and also what makes us different from other Buddhist traditions. A superb study for anyone who would like to better understand our tradition.

Registration is required and space is limited to eight participants.
Study sessions begin this Wednesday, September 16th at 3:00 EST / 8:00 UK and will run weekly until November 4th.

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Each week’s study will focus around a series of three talks from our weekly Dharmabytes and Free Buddhist Audio podcasts. All study sessions will be held on Google Hangout, via The Buddhist Centre’s Google+ page.

Week 1: Introduction to the Six Emphases
Week 2: Critical Ecumenicism
Week 3: The Centrality of Going for Refuge
Week 4: A Unified Order
Week 5: Team-Based Right Livelihood
Week 6: Arts and the Spiritual Life
Week 7: The Importance of Spiritual Friendship
Week 8: Further Implications of the Six Emphases 

If you would like to make a donation to encourage future classes like this, please visit www.freebuddhistaudio/donate

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Utpaladhi's picture

I can’t make the first couple of sessions, so won’t be able to participate, but just want to say what a fantastic idea this is. There are lots of people who can’t make it to retreats or centres for lots of reasons, and having online study is a really wonderful thing :)

NPBM42's picture

Agree - terrific idea and if I could commit to all 8 sessions, I would certainly sign up.  Please do more like this !

Centre Team's picture

Very happy to hear the excitement and we’re definitely looking forward to doing more in the future!  And so you are aware, we’ll also be doing a drop-in Dharma discussion starting on Thursday, running weekly.  More to be posted on that very soon, but for those who can’t make a full study series it will still give you an opportunity to riff off of a topic together.

PaulaY's picture

I would also like to register for this series, but will be on Retreat for the first two weeks. I would be very interested in participating in a similar/repeat series in the future!

Khemavassika's picture

Hello to anyone who tried unsuccessfully to join us today!  I apologize for any problems you may have had.  We did have two people join me so hoping to see more of you next week.

Please be sure to register for the class early in order to get an invitation. 

With kindness,


Rijudaya's picture

Again  would liked to have joined but on retreat the 2nd week but hopefully there will be more in the future and that those lucky people on the coarse enjoy.

Khemavassika's picture

Hi–I hope you will join us when you can.  This is a new offering so we are not NOW fully subscribed.  Khemavassika