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Tuesday Meditations for the New Season - Spring 2016

On Mon, 23 May, 2016 - 20:36
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We’re just starting a new series of Tuesday sits for experienced meditators. If you want to join our regular band of lovely friends from all around the world, come and connect!

Tuesdays, 2.30pm EST / 7.30pm UK

How to connect
Add us to your circles on Google + and join the Hangout. We’ll be online 10 minutes before and we’ll sit for about 40 minutes, with an introduction and space for optional discussion afterwards. 

This class - like all our classes - is offered by donation. Give now if you can and support our work.

N.B. This class is offered for those familiar with meditation in our community (or equivalent). If you haven’t sat much before, you might find the Friday drop-in meditations helpful as more instruction is offered.

If you join the meditation late, please mute your microphone to avoid disturbing others. 

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HI Candradasa - post Tuesday on-line meditation - which was a very ‘enlightening’ experience for me so thank you again for the part you play in making this event possible - and also I really appreciate the way in which you guide the meditation, the qualities you bring to it.  So you mentioned a meditation - imagining the elements….and then the Buddha?  Are you referring to the 6 element practice?  I think I need to bring some ‘imagining’ into my meditation practice, it’s kind of like the missing link. and how would I find reference to this?  Thanks very much and have a good week and hopefully see you next Tuesday/Wednesday.  Susan

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Hi Susan,

Thank you! I wasn’t explicitly thinking of the Six Element practice, perhaps more the six senses. But the elements form the basis, in some ways, for a similar reflection. As to imagination - practice makes perfect! :) But here are some leads:

Dharma talks on the imagination and imagining

See you tomorrow!

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Thank you Candradasa!  

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hi there, would like to join today, have added you to my google+ circle but am afraid have no clue how to connect to the hangout… is there a contact name to invite?! :-S  Thank you for helping.

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Hi James, you should see the event listed if you refresh the page now you’ve been added to our circles. Click the Hangout link any time before the event starts - it might be a text link or a button.

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Are the Friday meditations still happening today? Thanks! I just joined and have never practiced meditation before. I feel like it will help me with my emotions. Thank you!