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Tuesday Meditation - What Next?

On Mon, 17 November, 2014 - 21:11
Candradasa's picture
Hi all, sorry not to post sooner about Tuesday meditations now our first course is done. It’s been a crazy old week since last we met!

Just to confirm we will be meditating every Tuesday up to and including December 16th.

This week we’ll be having an open sit and gathering feedback about the kinds of areas you’re interested in exploring. Leave any thoughts about that in the comments below, or tell us online as part of the discussion!

Meditation will be at our normal time of 2.30pm EST/7.30pm UK. See here for how to connect (it’s a good idea to be 5 or 10 minutes early).

Please note, this course is primarily for those already familiar with the mindfulness of breathing and metta bhavana (loving kindness) meditations. As we won’t be doing so much basic instruction, Friday drop-in sits (11am EST/4pm UK) are a better place to start if you haven’t meditated before - but you are always welcome to join us!
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Amira's picture
Candradasa, I have really enjoyed the Tuesday online meditations. There is no physical sangha here from any Buddhist or mindfulness tradition so the online sangha is really supportive. I wonder if it might be interesting to look at wide/narrow focus in meditation and how we might play with that. So for example in the mindfulness of breathing it’s possible to have a really wide, spacious awareness where you are aware of your whole body in the breathing process, or a very narrow, focused awareness on one or two specific sensations, and they feel quite different. What do you think?
Candradasa's picture
Hi Amira, so glad this is proving a helpful context for your own practice out there in Abu Dhabi.

This issue of breadth and focus is something I’ve been looking at a bit at our local Buddhist Center here in the U.S. so I’d be very happy to explore it more. Great idea! :)