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Tuesday Meditation: Going Deeper

On Thu, 1 November, 2018 - 17:54
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Our online meditations will be resuming on Tuesday 13th November at 4pm GMT /  5pm CET / 9.30pm IST / 11am EST / 8.00am PST - hopefully you can join us!

For a series of six Tuesdays we will be looking at how we can go deeper in meditation. Starting with the practices of the Mindfulness of Breathing and the Metta Bhavana we will be exploring how we can work with hindrances that arise and become more absorbed - and, ultimately, transform our experience so that it is in line with Reality.

Join us on Zoom here:

You can find out more about joining in on Zoom by watching this short video.  You can also download Zoom here.

So you can either bookmark the above Zoom link for when our sessions start but another option is to get notified of our weekly sessions is by subscribing to our Buddhist Centre Online Meditations calendar (which will prompt you with the Zoom link):-

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Looking forward to seeing you online!

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Hi all! Just a quick reminder that online meditation is taking place today at 4pm GMT.  Join in on Zoom here:

With Metta,

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Hi all,

Our last online meditation session of 2018 takes place today! We’ll have a brief recap of the ground we’ve covered so far and then there’ll be a chance to do a slightly longer sit. All welcome - even if you haven’t attended the previous sessions.

With Metta,

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When is the next round of online meditation?



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Hi Stuart!

I’ll be looking at pinning down dates for the next series of online meditation in the next while. I’ll be posting the details on this space so if you +Follow above you’ll be notified when I do.

Hope that helps for now,

With Metta,