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Tuesday Meditation: Exploring the Dhyanas

On Tue, 30 January, 2018 - 17:02
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The dhyanas (or jhanas) are concentrated mental states where distracted mind falls away, a more refined awareness steps in, and deep contentment is cultivated. In this four-week series we’ll explore the dhyanas in meditation and try to catch a glimpse of them for ourselves.

Meditation sessions begin at 2:30pm ET / 7:30pm UK on Google Hangout, and the series will be on the following dates:
Jan 30
Feb 6
Feb 13
Feb 20

>> Join us on Google Hangout!

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I did donate for the Online meditations and then I donated again for the Mitra study course. Is it necessary on your end to know which was which?

Centre Team's picture

That’s very kind of you Thomas! Thank you so much!  :) No, not necessary to know which is which, we’ve already got you down for your donation to the mitra study. See you soon!

Marcia's picture

Hi, I’d love to join the Tuesday online meditation, but have been unable to join your circle to let you know I am here! Please can someone let me know what to do to join.



Centre Team's picture

Hi Marcia! I think I’ve figured out how to add you to the online meditators circle, so hopefully you’ll get notifications of meditations now. Hope we get to see you! :)

Marcia's picture

Great. Thanks :o)

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My mum had trouble joining the last one of these, and I can’t seem to figure it out either. The first time she did it, the link took her to the correct event pages. However, when I (and she) click the link in this post, it just takes me to my ‘previous events’. I can’t find the event page for this.

Any help would be appreciated!


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Hi James! Sorry we missed your Mum! Google+ is a little confusing sometimes.

If you follow the link above that says “Join us on Google Hangouts” that should show you all of the events available (past and upcoming). The date and time of the event appears at the top of the post, but it will always be posted for Tuesdays.

You’ll want to choose the event that you’d like to join, and then when the event is about to start there will be a blue button that appears saying “join hangout”. If you click on that button it will open a new window for the hangout. Then click to start the hangout once you’re all settled in and you should be able to join in.

Hope that’s helpful!

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When I follow that link, all I get is my past events. As shown in the screenshot…

File NameSize
untitled.jpg109.67 KB
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Ah, strange, it must only show events that you’ve been invited to. Hmm… could you tell me what your Mum’s Google+ name is and I’ll see if I can add her to the correct circle so she gets invited to the events? Thanks!

Khemabandhu's picture

Kay Brodie. She attended the 23rd Jan event on equanimity and is listed as an attendee for that event.

Thank you! 

Centre Team's picture

Great! I’ve added her in, so she should receive email notifications when a new event is posted. ;)

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Thank you!! 

Could you add me in as well? :)

I have the same name on there as here.

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You bet! Added… ;)

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Thanks :)

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Sorry to bother you again.

Has the event page been set up yet? Neither of us have received an invitation. Mum’s about to go to bed (she’s in Australia) and wants to check it’s working before she sets the alarm to be up for 5.30am.



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Hi I would like to join the online meditations on Tuesday, but the Google Hangout link does not lead me to a page where I can connect. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Birgit

Kaybee's picture

Please send updated link for current Tuesday and Saturday meditations.  Have not had success in accessing. Thanks very much.