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Tuesday Meditation: Blazing Loving-Kindness

On Tue, 6 March, 2018 - 19:29
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This series of five sessions will be a journey into focused positive emotion. We’ll be using the framework of the Metta Bhavana and modifying it to draw in the other Brahma Viharas and deeply explore individual relationships to create some extra intensity around the practice.

Our meditation sessions begin at 2:30pm ET / 7:30pm UK
Session Dates:
Mar 6, Mar 13, Mar 20, Mar 27, Apr 3 

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jazzcica's picture

Hello - is there a meditation tonight? Metta :-) Patricia

Amitasuri's picture

Hi Rijupatha,

the hangout link only takes me to old links/events.

is there another way to join?


Centre Team's picture

Hi Amitasuri, Google+ will send out a notification to you when a new event is posted to a specific circle, so I’ve added you to the Online Meditators circle. You should receive an update next time we post an event. ;)

jazzcica's picture

Hello, it looks as though this series is not running at present? Or is it running via a different platform?

Many thanks

Tom Schulte's picture

One of those Pathless Paths? on 3/20

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Apologies, folks - it appears there must have been a technical glitch yesterday with the online meditation. I was present until 20 minutes in, but didn’t see anyone. From your comments it seems that you were there but having trouble? Or couldn’t find the event? We’ll try again next week and hopefully sort it out. Sorry to have missed you!

jazzcica's picture

I didn’t get any notification by email and couldn’t find any link on the online meditators page, so couldn’t find the meditation - neither this week nor last week. I’m glad you’ve posted, because I was beginning to wonder if you were okay!

Tom Schulte's picture

I did not get a notification and it did not appear in my google events

meludena's picture
Hi! Wondering if there will be online meditation in may?