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Tuesday Meditation (17th February 2015)

On Mon, 16 February, 2015 - 17:15
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We’ll have an open space for regular meditators again tomorrow. Join us if you can for our usual international online sit!

How to connect
Join us on February 17th at 2.30pm EST/ 7.30pm UK via our Google + page (you will need a Google account of some kind and will have to add us to your circles. Click ‘hangouts’ in the event posting on our page each week).

NB. Tuesday meditations are primarily for those who know the two main practices we focus on. There is also a Friday’s drop-in meditation (beginners welcome).
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SusM53's picture
Hello Candradasa! I love this image of the Luo Han Buddha - I used to visit it frequently. Did you take this picture? Look forward to tomorrows meditation sit. I just wanted to say I found your opeining comments/prompts very helpful last week as we were beginning our ‘sit’, unfortunately I can’t remember what you said! Thanks. Susan

Candradasa's picture
Hi Susan - I’ll try and remember what I said too! :)

Yes, I took the picture in January - a few others with it and coming soon. You can always follow them on Instagram or Flickr.
SusM53's picture
Beautiful! Thanks!