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Sitting Deeply, Being At Ease...

On Mon, 18 January, 2016 - 20:36
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It’s harder than it sounds, right? :) And yet we know it’s possible, every day… We might sit more deeply in our experience, we might move towards a greater sense of ease with how we carry ourselves through the world. 

Over the next weeks we’ll be continuing our collective practice of simply sitting together, being with each other in meditation around the world, bearing each other in mind and in heart. 

Come and sit with us in good company!

Tuesdays, 2.30pm EST / 7.30pm UK

How to connect
Add us to your circles on Google + and join the Hangout. We’ll be online 10 minutes before and we’ll sit for about 40 minutes, with an introduction and space for optional discussion afterwards. 

This class - like all our classes - is offered by donation. Give now if you can and support our work.

N.B. This class is offered for those familiar with meditation in our community (or equivalent). If you haven’t sat much before, you might find the Friday drop-in meditations helpful as more instruction is offered.

If you join the meditation late, please mute your microphone to avoid disturbing others. 

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