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Refreshing The Heart Week 2 + Time Changes!

On Mon, 27 October, 2014 - 15:53
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N.B. This week’s meditations on Tuesday and Friday will be at the later time of 3.30pm EST and 12pm EST respectively, to accommodate the clock change in the UK. This is for one week only.
Please also note that this week both meditations will connect through Google Hangout only - see here for how to connect.

Last week as part of our four-week course on bringing back a bit of emotional freshness to our meditation we looked at paying attention to what we actually feel (as opposed to how we think we ought to feel!). This Tuesday we’ll follow up by focussing on ways to work with whatever comes up emotionally within our meditation. Join us for a well-earned space in your day!

Please note, this course is primarily for those already familiar with the mindfulness of breathing and metta bhavana (loving kindness) meditations. As we won’t be doing so much basic instruction, Friday drop-in sits are a better place to start if you haven’t meditated before - but you are always welcome to join us!

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Nagapriya's picture
Hi. Could you share with me where that beautiful shrine is?
Candradasa's picture
Hi Nagapriya, it’s the shrine from the North American convention at the end of summer, in the Aryaloka shrine room. The photograph is by me so you’re free to re-use if you like (though we do from time to time so you may not want to).