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Opening Heart and Mind: The Brahma Viharas - Tuesday online meditation

On Mon, 23 November, 2015 - 21:38
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This week for our regular Tuesday online meditation session we’ll be joining in with the 2015 International Urban Retreat with an exploration of the third and fourth Brahma Viharas: Mudita (Sympathetic Joy) and Upekkha (Equanimity).

These will be a short and simple introduction to, and meditation on, these “divine abodes”. All are welcome - from beginners to experienced meditators - and it’s a great chance to meditate online with others during this special week.

To join the meditation, just visit this link at 2:30pm ET / 7:30pm UK:
Opening Heart and Mind: The Brahma Viharas
Then click on the “Hangout” link to start the hangout - that simple!

Also, if you’d like to explore the other Brahma Viharas, the Urban Retreat is offering some fantastic led meditations by Rijumitra and others that explore them in more depth, with even more to come!  In order to see the links below, you’ll need to join us for the Urban Retreat, so make sure to +follow the 2015 Urban Retreat space and stay tuned for more great resources!

Day 1: Guided and Introductory Meditations (including an intro to the Metta Bhavana and the Brahma Viharas)
Day 2: Meditations and Mantras (with guided Metta Bhavana meditations)
Day 3: Guided and Introductory Meditations (including intro to Karuna Bhavana)
Day 4: Guided Karuna Meditation And Mantra


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