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Online Meditations For January 2017 - Contemplating The Way Things Are

Posted by Candradasa on Thu, 29 December, 2016 - 16:42
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Greetings everyone! Hope you’re having a splendid festive season, wherever you are and however you are choosing to mark it. A quick note about online meditations for the start of 2017…

Tuesdays January 3/10/17/24/31 - Facilitated open sits in good company. 2.30pm EST / 7.30pm UK

Fridays January 6/13/20/27 - A 4-week series on the lakshanas facilitated by Candradasa. 11am EST / 4pm UK.

Connect with us on Google + to join the meditation Hangout: Follow us on Google + 

You can find connect with us on Insight Timer - search for the group ‘The Buddhist Centre Online Meditators Group’.

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This sounds like a great idea! So I’ve joined Google+, but just cant work out how to access/join a Hangout? Could you give some instructions for those of us who have not used this thing before? Thanks.

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Hi there, 

It looks as if Google + is forcing the change to its new format, which excludes Hangouts from pages associated with institutions (in this instance, us!) rather than individuals… You can still click on the link at the bottom left of our page which allows you to view the old format. On this version, if you have joined our circles you should see the private Hangout link. 

From next week we’ll try alternative approaches - using public hangouts or finding a way to advertise a personal hangout link to the space. Apologies if you were caught out by this today!

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Hi everyone, you can connect to the first live online meditation here:…

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Hi, could you please assist? I am unable to join. 

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You can connect to the open meditation for January 10th here:…

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Hi there, is the 11am EST referring to Australia time?

Regards Terry

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Hi Terry, no it’s referring to Eastern Standard Time in the U.S. 

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Friday January 13th: You can connect directly to today’s meditation hangout here:…

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I was sad to miss yesterday’s ’contemplating the way things are’ but looking forward to the next one!

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January 17th 2017: You can join in with today’s open sit here:…

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