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Meditations From The Anuruddha Sutta - Week 5: Love and the Ending of Stress

On Mon, 3 August, 2015 - 22:32
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We continue our six week series of Tuesday meditations based on the Anuruddha Sutta and the Buddha’s description of how the qualities of a Dharma farer relate to the practices they engage in - especially in meditation itself.

This week we’ll be going into the idea of the connection between discerning our relationship to others and our ability to respond with kindness to whatever arises between us and them. A quietly transformational practice where ‘us’ and ‘them’ begins to shift into something new and exciting…

Join us (even if you’ve missed the other weeks!) to go deeper into kindness…

Tuesday 4th August, 2.30pm EST / 7.30pm UK

NB. Tuesday meditations are primarily for those who know the two main practices we focus on. Fridays are drop-in meditations (beginners welcome!).

Add us to your circles on Google + and join the Hangout. We’ll be online 10 minutes before and we’ll sit for about 40 minutes, with an introduction and space for optional discussion afterwards. 

If you join the meditation late, please mute your microphone to avoid disturbing others. 

This Dhamma is for one endowed with discernment, not for one whose discernment is weak.’ Thus was it said. With reference to what was it said? There is the case where a person is discerning, endowed with discernment of arising & passing away — noble, penetrating, leading to the right ending of stress. ‘This Dhamma is for one endowed with discernment, not for one whose discernment is weak.’ Thus was it said. And with reference to this was it said.

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My name is Harry, I’m new to the study of Buddhism. At the moment I live in a small town in Georgia (USA), which is called the “Bible Belt” a large Christian community. Its been next to impossible to communicate with anyone who may be like minded as myself. I’m reaching out for gudience.

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Hi Harry, thanks for reaching out. You’ll find lots of information and resources on the site that I hope will stimulate your interest in the Buddha’s teaching. As well as information on Buddhismmeditation, and our own tradition of practice, our main community spaces are worth exploring - Community, Highlights, Features, News. And we have two weekly meditations - Tuesday for regular meditators and Friday drop-in, suitable for beginners. You can also connect with us on our Facebook group and page if that’s your thing. Hope thsi helps you get started!