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Meditation Tuesdays Start Again February 10th

On Mon, 9 February, 2015 - 18:27
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Just a quick reminder that meditation Tuesdays will be back from the 10th February.

For the next few weeks rather than a formal course we’ll have open space for regular meditators - see what themes emerge as we gather and share our practice together.

How to connect
Join us on February 10th at 2.30pm EST/ 7.30pm UK via our Google + page (you will need a Google account of some kind and will have to add us to your circles. Click ‘hangouts’ in the event posting on our page each week).

NB. Tuesday meditations are primarily for those who know the two main practices we focus on. There is also a Friday’s drop-in meditation (beginners welcome).
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I have not been able to connect with Meditation on Tuesdays - probably my lack of tech. know-how. I have a Google+ account and have tried to add ‘Online Meditators’ as a circle but I am seeing no [public?] posts from which to ‘hangout’. It is now 5.48am in Queensland Australia and I am assuming you are all online at this moment. Can you help?
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Hi Viryaja, I saw after the meditation that you have now managed to add us to your circles. You should now be notified whenever details of a new hangout session is posted to our Google + space. You just click the Hangout link in the post (or the ‘join this hangot’ button if you see one once the event is live) and it should work. Hope we’ll see you soon!
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I’m not able to locate the Events Page that accesses this meditation session. 

Please send link.  The above doesn’t enable this.