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Deeper Into Mindfulness Country - Tuesday Meditations

On Mon, 22 February, 2016 - 19:56
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*UPDATED 14th March 2016. The clocks in the U.S. have already gone forward for spring so the meditation time in the UK & Europe is 1 hour earlier until clocks also go forward there. ie. 2.30pm EST/6.30pm UK/7.30pm Europe.

Starting a new series of Tuesday meditations, we’ll be spending time exploring the various terrains of mindfulness practice - looking at different approaches to paying attention to the ground of our being…

Tuesdays, 2.30pm EST/7.30pm UK (see note above)

Come and sit with us in good company, wherever you are!

How to connect
Add us to your circles on Google + and join the Hangout. We’ll be online 10 minutes before and we’ll sit for about 40 minutes, with an introduction and space for optional discussion afterwards. 

This class - like all our classes - is offered by donation. Give now if you can and support our work.

N.B. This class is offered for those familiar with meditation in our community (or equivalent). If you haven’t sat much before, you might find the Friday drop-in meditations helpful as more instruction is offered.

If you join the meditation late, please mute your microphone to avoid disturbing others. 

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adrian_2016's picture


Many thanks for meditation and also just to say - keep up the good work Candradasa and team. The online platforms offered, from Free Buddhist Audio to The Buddhist Centre are fantastic resources. I can’t say enough just how important and useful they have been to me, from listening to Kamalashila’s guided introduction meditations very early mornings right up to all the excellent stuff on The Buddhist Centre website which I am only really just discovering - and I’m sure this is the same for 1000s of others. Truly very important resources. Many thanks indeed and much kindness.

Candradasa's picture

Thanks, Adrian! Glad you’re finding it all helpful! :)

Tom Schulte's picture

I appreciate the class and the meditation time. I just wish there were more text aids as my hearing isn’t very stable.


Centre Team's picture

Thanks for the feedback, Tom - what sort of text aids would be helpful?

Tom Schulte's picture

A bio of the host, a text about the topic or pertinent links might be nice. (And when I get to dreaming, - a transcript of the talk done by automation),

Candradasa's picture

Sometimes we write a brief description of the topic here but it’s a bit more informal really! As to a live transcript, that’s perhaps beyond our resources. My Scottish accent would almost certainly confuse the computer doing the live captioning! :)