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Winter Retreat 2015

On Tue, 10 November, 2015 - 17:56
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Beauty, Truth, Fire: Discovering the World of Enlightenment
Life may be fantastic right now, pretty tough or just plain dull. But ultimately, we’re always left with a lingering sense of dissatisfaction – we can’t quite hold on to things, they never really go our way in the end. Buddhism shows us how to free ourselves from that cycle. By changing our mind we change the world we live in. Explore this path of transformation which leads from mundane consciousness all the way up to Buddhahood: a world illuminated by beauty, truth and fire.

We are offering a discounted rate for places in a dormitory again this year – five nights for £200. The dorm will have up to 16 retreatants in it, and is available to WOMEN ONLY in the first half of the retreat (22–27 Dec) and MEN ONLY in the second half (27 Dec–1 Jan). You cannot book a place in the dormitory for all ten days of the retreat. 

Find out more and book here:

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