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Open Day at the LBC | September 18th

On Fri, 16 September, 2016 - 12:22
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Open Day Open House this Sunday the 18th at the LBC!
Bring your friends, flatmates, pets, cakes and grandparents, everybody welcome.

Highlights include:
12pm/Talk: Religion. With Maitreyabandhu
Is Buddhism a religion, a way of life or a philosophy?…… and what does it have to say about god, fundamentalism and faith? Come and find out.
1pm/Talk: Democracy. With Saraka
In such a fragile political situation it is easy to fall into polarisation and argument. Is it possible to cultivate a different view that will lead to expansive perspectives and real freedom?
2pm/Talk: Capitalism. With Manjusiha  
Our capitalist culture has bought freedom-of-choice and an abundance of products and opportunities, but how do we transform the greed that fuels it and ultimately traps us?
3pm/Talk: Environment. With Maitripushpa
Our lives are intricately involved in the world. Rather than destroying both, can we bring into being a more resplendent world and a fully transcendent life?

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