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New Bespoke Buddhist Retreat Centre Coming Soon!

On Fri, 10 July, 2015 - 12:30
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Maitrivajri, Vajrasana Project Coordinator, writes;

We are now a third of the way through the building of our new retreat centre. The elegant steel framework for the shrine room and simple precast concrete portal frames for the communal areas have been installed. The accommodation block, which runs parallel to the rear of the site, is taking shape - the concrete block walls are up to roof height - the position of bedrooms, bathrooms and toilets clearly defined. The foot print of each of the three courtyards are becoming visible.

Each of the courtyards will have a different quality and use. The Sangha courtyard with its planting, decking and tables will be an exterior eating and meeting place. The Akshobhya courtyard will be quieter, more reflective,with lush planting and a pool in which will be positioned a bronze Akshobhya rupa, the making of which is being commissioned now.  We have just finished designing the stone stupa for the stupa courtyard and are about to enter into the process of making that with stone masons in Ireland.

Chintamani has made a beautiful, tender Buddha rupa especially for the shrine room. At the moment the figure is at the very beginning of the casting process. Specialists are designing the lighting for it.

As the building takes shape, so do the ritual and devotional elements which will be within the spaces. It’s amazing to see our bespoke retreat centre coming into being, and we will be even happier to share it with you when it’s complete.

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