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Autumn Magazine & Programme

On Thu, 31 July, 2014 - 17:42
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The magazine starts with the poet Michael Symmons Roberts talking about the sacred nature of things and what we are drawn towards. Subhadramati offers one of her own poems which gives a glimpse into her world. Continuing the literature theme, Ollie Brock has reviewed the book The Science Delusion which explores the nature of belief and sciences role in that. On another subject, Satyadasa launches into the relationship between the inner mind and the outer world and explores the area of the environment and the mind, shedding light into a highly complex and relevant area of thought and action. I interviewed Nagarakshita just before she headed off on a 9 month solitary retreat and asked her how this helped the world, amongst other things. She goes on to explore how mind affects the world and talks of the simple life. To conclude, Maitreyaraja has written an obituary of Sangharatna, which, in a sense, offers a final teaching on the fleeting, transient nature of life.
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