Liverpool Buddhist Centre

new buddha rupa for the liverpool centre

On Fri, 2 December, 2016 - 13:16
buddhashanti's picture

At the Liverpool Buddhist centre we have an artist, art teacher, mitra and great friend of the centre, Tony O Connel.

 He has just completed an amazing life size buddha rupa. Using a young friend as the model and using moulding and modeling techniques he has produced an incredibly vivid and almost living rupa .It is rich in detail and texture and with a radiance of tranquility.

 Tony had originally made this rupa to go outside in our open space at the back of the centre. But on seeing it for the first time in mid November we all decided it was to be our main rupa.

The new rupa sits below an image of Amitabha which Tony created just over a year ago.This has a lovely simplicity on first viewing but it richness reveals itself in differant lighting conditions.

The new rupa arrives at a time of change in Liverpool with a new Chair- Sumnadipa- and the beginning of a fund raising project for a new centre. Our Sanga is really friendly, it is growing and is stretching its wings.

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