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On Sat, 28 June, 2014 - 12:48
Suryaprabha's picture
HAPPENSTANCE, A HOLOGRAM, ‘choosing not choosing’ conveys something of the filmmaker’s starting point for making a documentary about the Triratna Buddhist Order. Leaving aside the unenviable task of selecting those most ‘worthy’ to represent a 2000 strong body, I chose not choosing 1 name out of every 92 on the Order’s chronological register of ordinations. 11 European, 9 Indian and 1 Australasian Order members who live in 6 countries was the result. This method allows me to have a fresh, even candid approach to describing a unified but richly diverse Order, one whose members committed, at ordination, to practising a common understanding of the Buddha-Dharma. Filming has begun with six of the twenty-one people covered so far.
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